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Cement Product Information

Titan America's Masonry Cement Type N is a general purpose masonry cement with a consistency designed for use in above grade unit masonry applications with products such as concrete block, clay brick, glass block and stone.
Titan America's High Strength Masonry Cement can be used for all facets of masonry construction. This product is the result of extensive testing and controlled production to establish the characteristics desired by the mason.
Titan America's Portland Cement Type I/II is a general purpose cement suitable for all uses where the special properties of other types are not required. Typical uses include slabs on-grade, curbing, foundations, paving, floors, and some pre-cast products. 
Titan America's Portland Cement Type II can be specified for most concrete construction jobs, including projects that may require the concrete to withstand exposure to harsh environmental conditions. 
Titan America's Portland Cement White has multiple applications, including finish cement, stucco, colored concrete block, and other decorative masonry units. White cement produces clean, bright colors, especially for light pastels. 
Titan America's roof tile cement secures concrete and clay roof tile installations. Roof tile cement adds further color diversity to tile roofing systems.
Stucco Cement
Titan America's Stucco Cement is specifically designed for the plastering trade. This product, the result of extensive testing and controlled production, has characteristics desired by the stucco applicator. Titan America Stucco Cement, with proper proportions of sand and clean, potable water provides a smooth, workable mix that retains good consistency and develops a strong bond.