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01/10/12 - Titan America's Distribution Terminals Honored Again by EPA



 January 10, 2012 - Norfolk, Va. – Officials at Roanoke Cement Company, a Titan America business, are pleased to announce that four of their cement distribution terminals have achieved the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s ENERGY STAR® Challenge for Industry, which recognizes plants that demonstrate a commitment to the environment by achieving a 10% reduction in energy intensity within five or fewer years.  This achievement was the result of a supreme team effort,” said Don Ingerson, VP of Cement and Aggregates, Sales and Marketing, Roanoke Cement, “The focus on reducing energy by each and every one of our people at the terminals is an excellent example of our commitment to continuous improvement; with that, our energy management knowledge continues to grow as we share it with our customers and our community.”

Recognized operations include terminals in Castle Hayne, N.C., in Richmond, VA., in Front Royal, VA. and in Chesapeake, VA. The average energy intensity reduction for all four terminals was 21.76 percent.

“We are proud that these four facilities are the first to be awarded among the cement sector,” stated Steven Drzymala, Energy Systems Engineer with Titan’s Corporate Engineering Department. “This is a great achievement.”

 “Employees at all four terminals and the terminal managers …should all be commended for their success in reducing energy use and protecting the environment, stated Jean Lupinacci, Director, Commercial and Industrial Branch, ENERGY STAR, “We look forward to recognizing accomplishments for additional Titan America LLC plants in the future.”

The EPA recently recognized Titan America’s Roanoke Cement Plant for its highly successful Plant-A-Star program that resulted in a 15 percent reduction in customer energy usage.