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CCC applies for building permit

Facility to Package Cement from Existing Storage and Handling Terminal  For Shipping and Distribution
WILMINGTON, NC – Officials from Carolinas Cement Company announced today that they are applying for a building permit from New Hanover County to construct a $5 million packaging facility on the site of an existing cement storage and handling terminal owned and operated by Roanoke Cement Company in Castle Hayne, NC. (Roanoke Cement and Carolinas Cement are both subsidiaries of parent company Titan America.) The new bagging facility will enable Roanoke Cement to package the cement it stores and handles on-site for distribution to customers throughout the southeast.
The facility is planned as a simple packaging operation that will not include any type of manufacturing or processing. These operations are permissible by an air quality permit previously issued to Carolinas Cement Company by the North Carolina Department of Environment and Natural Resources’ Division of Air Quality. 
The packaging facility use is consistent with the current terminal use on site, which includes the storage and handling of cement manufactured in Roanoke, VA for shipping via truck to various locations throughout the southeast. The cement terminal has been operating on the Castle Hayne site since the early 1990s and has been repeatedly lauded by the NC Department of Labor for its exemplary safety and health progams with its prestigious SHARP award for five consecutive years from 2009 to 2013. 
According to Carolinas Cement Company, the packaging operation will be part of the existing industrial use of the property as a cement storage and handling terminal and therefore does not require a New Hanover County special use permit. A building permit is required from the County’s Development Services Department. 
 “The bagging operation is a low impact, environmentally friendly investment in New Hanover County,” said Bob Odom, general manager for Carolinas Cement Company. “The demand for cement is growing as the economy strengthens, and this use of our existing property is a smart way to create jobs and move forward on this project. The bagging operation is a $5 million investment that will create more then 10 construction jobs and two permanent jobs for local residents.”