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Pennsuco plant photos win first place at international photo compteition

NORFOLK, VA. – Photos of Titan America’s Pennsuco Cement
Plant, located in Medley, Florida, placed first and received commendations in the
2013 global photo competition hosted byGlobal Cement Magazine. Entering the
competition was coordinated by Titan America’s Muhammad Khan, Environmental Manager at the Pennsuco Plant. Khan, who has frequently admired the unique aesthetic qualities of the plant, was eager to showcase it.

“People often overlook how spectacular elements of this plant can be, particularly early in the morning and after the sun sets.” Khan commented, “It’s solid and graceful and larger than life; it’s dramatic.”

Khan selected Trevor Rosecrans of Trevor Rosecrans Photography for the
project because of his style and his experience with industrial photography. Rosecrans elected to shoot at sunrise to take advantage of the juxtaposition of the spectacularly lit tower at night as well as at first dawn. The winning photograph was taken from the northeastern end of the property at twilight to capture the plant and its enormous reflection in the quarry lake.

“As a photographer and licensed engineer I see many interesting photo compositions on projects that the general public may not appreciate,” noted Rosecrans. “I have driven by the Pennsuco complex many times and have been drawn to the industrial beauty of it.
At sunrise and sunset the facility has such an amazing contrast against the
colorful sky. I was thrilled to be asked to capture images of the plant and
cannot wait to return for another shoot.” 

Global Cement Magazine
,, sponsors the competition annually.  

Other participating countries at this year’s competition includedIran, Austria, Canada, Turkey, Chile, Israel, India, Australia and Brazil.