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Roanoke Cement masonry colors expands selection

January 8, 2014 - Norfolk, VA – Officials at Roanoke Cement Company in Troutville, Virginia are excited to announce today that they have expanded their selection of masonry cement colors. The new selection of robust, exciting Roanoke Cement Masonry Colors is now available for shipment.

“We’re pleased to offer this color expansion to our customers. They’ve been asking for regionally-produced masonry colors that are available on demand,” said Robert Sells, Mid-Atlantic Business Unit President. “We now offer the most requested colors in our various regions.”

According to Gus Ward, Manager of Commercial Sales at Roanoke Cement, the new colors were selected by asking brick dealers which colors they typically warehouse. “Offering a variety provides RCC more opportunities to compete on high end residential and commercial projects,” Ward commented. “These new colors enhance our existing grey, straw masonry and portland package brands. They open up so many aesthetic and design possibilities.”

Roanoke Cement sales representatives will be delivering promotional materials in the coming weeks.  Anyone interested in receiving information about Roanoke Cement Masonry Colors should contact