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Separation Technologies LLC expands to Asia

Separation Technologies LLC expands to Asia

ROANOKE, VA. - Officials at Separation Technologies LLC (ST)
announced that they have finalized an agreement for the purchase and
installation of a fly ash beneficiation unit at the Yeongheung Power Station by
Korea South-East Power Co., Ltd. (KOSEP), a subsidiary of Korea Electric Power
Corporation (KEPCO).

KEPCO is the largest electric utility in Korea, responsible for 93% of the country’s electricity generation. The separation and processing unit will be used to beneficiate fly ash produced by Units 5 and 6 of the Yeongheung Power Station, which are currently under construction and are scheduled for completion by December 2014.

ST’s world-leading green technology converts fly ash, an industrial waste produced from the burning of coal, into two useful products:

  •  a standard building material (ProAsh®), used in the construction sector
  • a consistent supply of fuel (EcoTherm™), useful for the coal burning industry
The ST fly ash beneficiation process results in a profitable activity that contributes to environmental protection by,
  • reducing the need for land filling
  • saving energy
  • reducing the quarrying of raw materials
  • reducing carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions

The project has been warmly welcomed by the local authorities and community in Korea for its contribution to sustainable development. “Expanding into Asia is an important milestone for ST and, we believe, for Korea’s Utility sector and concrete industry,” said Randy Dunlap, ST President. “We welcome the opportunity to work with KOSEP and know this is just the beginning of an excellent long-term relationship.”

This is the first ST unit to be installed in Asia; there are already 19 fly ash ST separation units in operation in the US, Canada, and Europe. ST has also installed separators for the beneficiation of industrial minerals in North America and Europe.