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Titan America Expands Import Capacity in Florida

Tampa, Florida – Titan Florida LLC, a subsidiary of Titan America LLC, has announced the construction of a 70,000-ton dome at its Port Tampa Bay Terminal, making the terminal one of the largest of its kind in the United States. The project supports the growing customer demand for Titan’s products and services in the State of Florida. 

The new $35 million investment in its Tampa mega-terminal will increase and upgrade Titan’s import capacity and expansion of its low carbon cements and cementitious products, such as fly ash and slag. Apart from the new dome, the investment will bolster Titan’s existing 60,000-ton bulk storage and logistics infrastructure.

“Florida is one of the 10 U.S. megaregions and has a booming economy,” said Randy Dunlap, President of Titan Florida. “Titan’s investment in our state signifies a commitment to support our customers in the infrastructure, residential, and commercial sectors with high performance products, while contributing to mitigating climate change.”

With an expected completion date of early 2023, the new dome follows other recent investments at Titan’s Pennsuco plant in Medley, Florida. These projects, exceeding $20 million, include the construction of a processed engineered fuel facility and investments in natural gas infrastructure and equipment.  Together, these projects enable the conversion of kiln fuel at Pennsuco from coal to lower carbon alternatives, substantially reducing the plant’s environmental footprint as well as eliminating municipal waste from local landfills.

“The major expansion and upgrade of our Port Tampa import terminal comes ahead of accelerating market growth and major investments in Florida’s infrastructure,” said Guillermo Haberer, Commercial Vice President of Titan Florida. “It is welcome news for our customers, who seek high performance green products and solutions that support their critical growth initiatives.”

Titan America’s subsidiary, Titan Florida LLC, is a leading producer and supplier of resilient building materials and solutions in the State of Florida. Its offerings include cement, cementitious materials, construction aggregates, ready-mix concrete, concrete block, and services, such as fly-ash beneficiation through ST Equipment & Technology (STET).