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Titan America's Tim Kuebler honored by PCA: John P. Gleason, Jr. Leadership Award

September 4, 2014 - Norfolk, VA - The Portland Cement Association (PCA) last week honored Titan America's Tim Kuebler by presenting him with the 2014 John P. Gleason, Jr. Leadership Award.
The Gleason Award recognizes employees of member companies who have exhibited industry leadership by taking the PCA in new directions. Kuebler, a long-time vigorous supporter of the PCA paving advocacy efforts, was recognized in the Market Development Category of the Award.
Comments from the Association officers include, "[Mr. Kuebler's] leadership expands well beyond his role as co-chairman of the PCA Paving Committee...Whether he is testifying in legislative forums or speaking with community groups, his mantra of people, planet and profit for consideration for the proper use of sustainable pavements is clearly evident."
Recently appointed as Titan America's Vice President, Florida Materials, Kuelber has spent a significant portion of his career championing advocacy best-practices and sharing success stories among all industry allies, encouraging advocates to seek relationships beyond our own industry to move our messages forward. He was served as Chairman of the FCPA, has served on the board of the NRMCA and PCA and he co-chairs the PCA's Paving Committee. 
The Award is named after John P. "Jay" Gleason, Jr., who served as PCA President from 1986 until his retirement in 2007. Gleason was known for his consensus building talents among both members and allies and for his strong leadership abilities.