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Titan Block supplies PaveDrain for first-ever application in south Florida

Deerfield Beach, FL. –  On October 11, experts from Titan America will work in conjunction with the City of Ft. Lauderdale to demo an installation of PaveDrain® on the City Hall parking lot.  PaveDrain® is a Permeable Articulating Concrete Block (P-ACB) pavement system, uniquely designed to mitigate storm water flooding and to increase low impact development (LID).  It is an excellent product for South Florida because it allows storm water to infiltrate naturally back into the aquifer eliminating the need for underground stormwater systems and/or retention ponds.

Titan Block, the Sunshine State’s exclusive distributor of PaveDrain®, will donate the blocks and the base aggregates in what will be the first-ever project to use this innovative material in South Florida.

“PaveDrain® is a 100% Florida-made concrete product, utilizing local materials, labor and other resources, “reported Ayis Mikrakis, Titan Advocate. “ Unlike other paving materials, PaveDrain® blocks are manufactured with local materials that are limerock based, so there’s no need to use foreign oil and granite - which, of course, are not produced in Florida.  So investments in PaveDrain® remain right here in the Sunshine State."

“We know that concrete is always an excellent building material choice. It lasts 3-5 times longer than asphalt which reduces the use of virgin materials,” stated Tim Kuebler, Titan America’s  Chief Gov’t Affairs Officer, ”Also, its light color reduces the urban heat island effect and increases visibility at night.”

The installation will be performed at noon on October 11th, 2013 at the Fort Lauderdale City Hall parking lot on 100 N Andrews Ave, Fort Lauderdale, FL.  The construction process is open to the media and public.  For more info on PaveDrain® or this project please contact our local concrete advocate Ayis Mikrakis at (954) 415-1153 or