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TITAN Innovates for the Reduction of Carbon and Energy Footprint Through Fly Ash Recycling

Separation Technologies (ST), a TITAN Group subsidiary based in the United States, has developed an innovative industrial process to recycle fly ash from landfills. Fly ash is a material used in the manufacturing process of cement and cementitious products, reducing the carbon and energy footprint during their production. The new process also assists in the cleanup and remediation of landfill areas, creating greener and more environmentally friendly spaces for neighboring communities.

For the new procedure, ST has created the world’s first industrial-scale fly ash drying and electrostatic separation plant. The pilot facility is located at Talen Energy’s Brunner Island Steam Electric Station, a coal-fired electrical generation facility in the US state of Pennsylvania. Through the new process an unusable waste product that is reclaimed from landfills – fly ash – is being transformed into consistent, high-quality, reusable, green end products. These new products - launched by TITAN in the US market and branded as ProAsh and EcoTherm- can be used in the manufacturing of cement and cementitious products, as well as in power generation.

“This breakthrough achievement represents Titan America’s commitment to the reduction of CO2 through innovation as we plan to deploy this technology across the power generation and construction material sectors,” says Bill Zarkalis, President and Chief Executive Officer of Titan America.

The resulting ProAsh is used as a replacement for Portland cement in concrete mixes produced at ready-mix facilities. ProAsh reduces the amount of CO2 generated in the manufacturing process, making it an environmentally friendly choice for ready-mix producers. EcoTherm, the other end product, allows cement manufacturers to generate the same high-quality cement clinker but with reduced carbon intensity and consumption of natural resources.