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TITAN Report wins gold for fourth year running

TITAN Report wins gold for 4th year running

TITAN has once again been ranked first – for the 4th year in a row - in the annual evaluation of Greek Corporate Social Responsibility Reports, carried  out  by  the  Aegean  University.  The  evaluation  performed according  to  the  guidelines  adopted  by  the  international  Global Reporting Initiative (GRI).

This year’s evaluation placed Titan for meeting GRI indicators, sixteen points higher than last year, because it was based on the advanced specifications of the revised GRI-G3.1 standard, as well as on the relevant CSR principles and strategy.

The results of the evaluation - conducted by the Business Environment Policy and Management Workshop of the Aegean’s University Environment Department – were presented at the CSR Reporting Forum 2012 on 18 December.

In the Forum a briefing was presented on the TITAN Group’s activities to promote the broadest possible dissemination and use of information and results relating to environmental and social objectives, as well as business performance on the European level.

The TITAN Group’s Corporate Social Responsibility Report for 2011, which was classified first in this evaluation, was prepared using not only the revised GRI-G3.1 standard, but also the criteria laid down in the UN Global Compact for ‘advanced- level’ progress reports and CSR reports. This was the ninth annual CSR and Sustainable Development Report prepared by the Group that is harmonized with international standards. Moreover, every year since 2006 its contents  have  been verified  in  comprehensive  audits  by independent agencies.