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Business Activities

Essex Cement Company LLC

Essex Cement has been importing and distributing cement to the metropolitan New Jersey and New York concrete and building construction industry since 1985. In fact, since their inception, Essex cement has imported more than 5.5 million tons of cement into the market. Essex Cement commitment to the building construction industry continues with the Port Newark facility’s modernization project which began in February 2005. The new and improved facility will store approximately 62,000 tons and will allow the terminal to receive and load trucks, railcars and ships.

Roanoke Cement Company LLC

The Roanoke Cement plant is located in southwestern Virginia, approximately 15 miles north of the city of Roanoke. It is the only cement plant in Virginia, and it produces a variety of Portland and masonry cements. The cement is distributed in bulk and in package varieties to construction industries in Virginia, North Carolina, West Virginia, Maryland, Tennessee, Kentucky, South Carolina and the District of Columbia.

To ensure prompt delivery to customers, Roanoke Cement uses a series of distribution terminals located in Norfolk, Richmond, Front Royal and Bristol, Virginia and in Winston-Salem, Charlotte, Selma and Castle Hayne, North Carolina. Packaged products are also sold through a series of distributors in the areas served.

Separation Technologies LLC

Separation Technologies joined the Titan America family in August 2002. Separation Technologies, is a pioneer in the processing of fly ash into a consistent high quality product for the concrete industry. The proprietary electrostatic separation (ESS) process is the number one choice for ash management issues facing the utility industry. Separation Technologies is the leading producer of processed fly ash in the U.S., processing more tons annually and at more power plants than any other competing company. The processed fly ash is sold in 13 states and Canada under the ProAsh® brand name. Separation Technologies also franchises project/market development rights outside the U.S.

Titan Florida LLC

Titan Florida is an integrated construction company, a leading supplier of sand, concrete block and ready-mixed concrete to all sectors of the construction industry throughout the Sunshine State.
Titan Florida LLC was formerly Tarmac America. The U.S. operation of Tarmac became a part of the Titan America family in  October 2000. Tarmac America became Titan Florida LLC in February 2014.

Titan Virginia Ready-Mix LLC

One of the top producers of ready-mixed concrete in the United States, Titan America serves customers in Virginia from more than 15 ready-mix plants throughout the state. Our mission is to be the preferred supplier of ready-mixed concrete in all our served markets. The goal is achieved by meeting our customers' most important demand - a product of the highest quality supplied on schedule.

With customers in both the public and private sectors of construction, Titan America concrete can be found in projects ranging from heavily traveled highways and bridges, to downtown skyscrapers and backyard patios.

Titan Florida Cement and Aggregates

Titan Florida's Pennsuco cement plant located north of Miami recently completed its modernization project that increased production capacity to 2.1 million tons annually. It is now the largest cement facility in Florida and is recognized as one of the most environmentally-friendly and efficient plants in the United States. Titan's Pennsuco quarry is the fifth largest quarry in the US producing more than 7.5 million tons of limestone products annually.

In Florida, our cement and aggregate is distributed through a vast distribution network of storage terminals, rail and road transport. Our newest cement terminal in Tampa, FL, opened in 2004. Bulk and bagged products are manufactured in Portland and masonry varieties. End users span the construction industry, serving both the public and private construction sectors.