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Titan Florida Charters CASF Member Thriving After More Than 70 Years in South Florida

Titan Florida LLC is a leading supplier of building materials, such as aggregates, cement, ready-mix concrete and block. Previously known as Tarmac America Inc., the company was acquired in 2000 by Titan Cement International, Greece’s leading producer of cement and ready-mix concrete. After additional acquisitions of all Tarmac America locations, the company’s U.S. operations became collectively known as Titan America LLC in 2014. 

Titan Florida maintains the company’s long-standing commitments, with a people-oriented approach, respect for the environment, and a substantial focus on safety. 


“Safety has always been our No. 1 value,” said Mark Wachtel, Director of Sales, Concrete Products, Titan Florida LLC. “That enabled us to make a quick transition to new COVID-19 workplace standards. We immediately supplied all workers with adequate PPE and even rolled out touchless ticketing to help drivers and on-site personnel maintain social distancing while on the job.“ 


Titan’s commitment to safety mirrors the company’s decades-long practice of adapting to ever-changing environmental regulations. Titan is guided by an Environmental Policy designed to mitigate operational impact and pursue win-win opportunities for both economy and ecology. “Titan has actively participated in South Florida’s massive growth over the decades,” said Wachtel. “We also live in the communities we help build. Titan operates with concern for the wellbeing of the environment so we can continue to develop in a sustainable way.” 


According to Wachtel, Titan Florida’s long record of success has been driven in part by its active membership in CASF. Titan Florida is one of only three companies to have been a continuous member of CASF since the organization was founded in 1950. “Attending CASF events is the ‘meat and potatoes’ to help build business, but the organization is much more than that,” Wachtel said. “I feel fortunate to be part of a group that has been at the front of the vision and direction of the local construction industry for all these years.” 


As for Titan Florida’s part in the South Florida construction industry, Mark is very proud of the work that they have accomplished. “I’m very proud of the team we have and the work we do,” said Wachtel. “Yes, we basically supply materials. But because we do that very well and so conscientiously, I also feel we have a small hand in improving people’s lives in South Florida.”