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Titan Experience

What is the Titan Experience?
The Titan Experience is the net result of everyone at Titan America living one of our guiding principles, “Value to the Customer.” Our goal is to create a customer-focused environment that provides a competitive advantage.

Titan Experience is what it feels, looks and sounds like to do business with the Titan group of companies. To this end we have defined the Six Critical Success Factors (CSF). These CSFs will guide the activities, processes and programs of each business unit, each product line, each department and each person to create the Titan Experience.

Customers are people we interact with and to whom we provide a service or product. This could be fellow employees, fellow departments, business units and, of course, external customers.

Critical Success Factors Defined

Solution/Value Provider
A solution/value provider uses questioning and intuition to search out what the customer really needs and finds ways to provide this solution. We must go beyond the stated request by finding out what that customer will do with what you provide. We cannot simply provide what is requested. Once you have this knowledge, you can truly provide what the customer needs and become the value-provider, thereby creating the Titan Experience.

Each employee is accountable for providing solutions. It is our responsibility to work to find the real solutions to our customers’ needs. Our customer is reliant upon our solution; we must deliver beyond their expectations. This creates an environment we call the Titan Experience.

Ease of Doing Business
Ease of doing business with the Titan group of companies is paramount to all activities. This is almost a battle cry. Each individual must study every way in which we interact with the customer and find ways to streamline and simplify the activity. Making it easy to do business with Titan creates loyalty, value, trust and reliance that creates interdependent life blood we call the Titan Experience.

Driven to Act
The simple act of doing creates an environment in which customers feel they are working with a company that is empowered to provide the solution they are looking for. It creates a differentiation and a level of satisfaction within the company and with it customers. Managers must provide a clear set of guidelines that gives the employee the ability to act. Our customers want to do business with Titan because they are seeing, hearing and feeling the Titan Experience.

Industry Expertise
Each Titan employee must maintain a learning environment so that we can share this knowledge with others. Additionally, as we share this knowledge we learn. It is through sharing and teaching that we all learn. This is where the synergy occurs. We teach and share what we know with the “customer” and through this interaction we create the Titan Experience. This creates synergy and the Titan Experience.

Customer Relationships
Companies do not do business with companies. People do business with people. It is in the relationship that we have between people that builds the Titan Experience. People like to do business with people that bring them solutions. People like to do business with people that have the freedom to act, that are easy to do business with, have industry expertise and that truly have a desire to provide solutions and build value. It is through this that we build the interdependent life blood that we call our customers. This creates the Titan Experience.