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Every construction project begins with aggregates. Titan America produces and sells aggregates in Florida and in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Titan America is committed to the highest standards of product quality and customer service and our employees constantly strive to meet new levels of excellence in these fields. We are an industry leader in innovative products and services, especially in the development of specialty aggregates for uses ranging from golf courses to roofing and landscape materials.

Titan Mid-Atlantic Aggregates serves our Virginia customers by producing and distributing sand and gravel from our facility in Waverly, Va. Heard Aggregates is strategically located between Norfolk and Petersburg.

In Florida, we operate Titan's Pennsuco Quarry and the Center Sand Mine. The Pennsuco quarry produces more than 7.5 million tons of limestone products annually, and Center Sand Mine produces one million tons of sand annually. Titan America serves the Florida construction minerals market with extensive mineral reserves of limestone and sand. Our Center Sand facility offers a variety of products including our premier stucco sand and FDOT mason sand, along with concrete and asphalt sand products. Distribution of these minerals is managed by our Silver Sand Transportation Company