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Cement Import Terminals

The Titan America company, Essex Cement Company LLC, operates a Kovako ship unloader for customers in Metro New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. Cement discharged from ships can be stored in the 130,000 sq ft warehouse in Port Newark, NJ. Essex has recently finished expanding its Port Newark operations to have the capacity to store 62,000 tons in four main cement silos, each measuring 193 feet tall by 62 feet in diameter.

Titan America’s new Tampa Cement Import Terminal received its first cargo in December 2004. With state-of-the-art cement unloading equipment and a capacity of a million tons annually, this terminal supplements the Pennsuco Cement Plant and already serves Florida’s growing materials needs on the Gulf Coast.

In addition to these two import terminals, Titan America operates a total of 14 cement and aggregates terminals located all along the Eastern seaboard.