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New Products

Titan America continuously develops new products and works with our business partners to solve our customers' building dilemmas.  Here are some of our newest additions to our product line:

The design of the PaveDrain System overcomes the clogging, maintenance and freeze/thaw issues experienced with other permeable and porous pavement options. Our system design makes installation quick and low cost when compared to other permeable paver systems.
Our split face masonry collection comes in sumptuous colors, such as Candlewood, Sierra, Sundance and Coquina.
UltraFlex Articulating Concrete Block Mats are the long-term, proven solution to traditional alternatives such as rock riprap, gabions, structural concrete, grout mats, and other hard armor erosion protection systems.
Sustainable, energy efficient and value-driven Omni Block conserves indigenous raw materials and other natural resources, while strengthening the local economy.
Titan America can provide a variety of colored concrete mixes. Coloring is added to the mix during the batching process, ensuring that the color is more uniform throughout the concrete and will not "wear off" as is the case with some other surface treatment processes. Many colors are available that enhance the beauty of surrounding landscaping and structures.
SELECTedge units are a uniquely simple concept in beautifully decorative landscape edging. The modular, trapezoidal shape of each SELECTedge Unit offers endless design possibilities, giving you unlimited flexibility in planning your borders. SELECTedge's natural scale, color and good looks blend perfectly with any landscape. Installation is a breeze, too.