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Demonstrations were recently held comparing this self-consolidating concrete to traditional ready-mix concrete. For each demonstration, the mixes were transported in separate trucks, tested and placed into pre-constructed wall forms reinforced with rebar and wire. See for yourself the benefits of Optima® Self-Consolidated Concrete for use in walls, columns and footings. (video link) 

The video demonstrates the smooth flow of Optima during placement. Its increased mobility and flowability allow Optima to stream around corners on its own. Optima completely encapsulates the rebar without assistance, and no vibration is necessary to aid the flow of the mix. This eliminates the need for crew members and equipment dedicated to vibration thereby increasing safety and decreasing overall cost of the job. 

In addition, Optima’s ability to completely fill the form without repositioning the truck is a key benefit, especially when a job involves tightly congested formwork. You save time and eliminate hassles.

Optima is completely placed into the wall form in just two minutes – compared to a seventeen minute placement time for traditional concrete. And, very few splatters and overflows are deposited outside the form, which reduces waste and leaves only minimal hand leveling to the crew members.

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Optima Applications


Optima self-consolidating concrete places in a fraction of the time when compared to traditional concrete. It delivers a clearly superior finish with virtually no rubbing, patching or reworking required.


Optima enables concrete contractors to pump from the bottom without moving the pump or using internal or external vibration:

• Saves critical man-hours 
• Improves density, strength and durability 
• Provides a superior finished surface


Optima is ideal for limited access job sites because it can be placed from a single discharge point without pumping. And, Optima places and discharges in a fraction of the time, allowing you to schedule more jobs with fewer crew members.


Optima’s smooth finished surface virtually eliminates the need for extra finishing steps after form removal. Also, architectural concrete possibilities include exposing aggregate with light sand blast and colors.

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