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Site Solutions

The design of the PaveDrain System overcomes the clogging, maintenance and freeze/thaw issues experienced with other permeable and porous pavement options. Our system design makes installation quick and low cost when compared to other permeable paver systems. 
Envira Concrete, developed by Titan America, is the best solution we have today. When rain hits its pervious porous surface, it seeps directly into the earth which naturally filters harmful pollutants and prevents them from flowing into bodies of water. Developers and contractors are also concerned about cost. By avoiding the need for expensive drainage systems and land-consuming retention ponds, Envira Concrete actually saves money. The fact that it takes much less time to place is still another advantage. 
Flowable fill concrete is a mix specially designed for applications where a flowable, self leveling, self compacting, controlled density product that can be easily excavated is required. Backfill applications for this product are sewer and utility trenches, bridge abutments, conduit trenches, pile excavations and retaining walls.