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Health and Wellness at Titan America

Titan America's number one core value is safety.  We consider health and wellness to be the twin sisters of safety; they are all integral parts of our employees' quality of life and well being.  In 2010 we formalized our commitment to health and wellness with the launch of a company-wide wellness program with objectives to:
  • Focus on physical wellness, safety and mental health
  • Provide preventive measures by creating healthier environments
  • Improve productivity, decrease absenteeism and manage increasing health care expenses
We're still measuring and refining.  This will always be a dynamic project. And so far, we're thrilled with the response and the results. 
Our Titan Health program doesn't just serve up meaningless rhetoric.  Designed and managed by leading wellness experts from Occupational Medical Consulting, it focuses on the individual needs and unique goals of our Titan America employees. Some features:
  • On-site health coaches
  • Health risk assessments
  • One-on-one consultations
  • Health education resources
  • Wellness challenges
  • Learning programs
Please check back often as we report our progress and share some case studies.  Also, check out the links at the left nav bar for valuable health tips and tools.