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Safety Awareness Best Practices

Safety Task Assessment
Safety Task Assessments, or STAs, are performed before every work shift or meeting. An STA is a review of possible safety hazards, including incidents that might have occurred earlier in the day. Along with safety precautions, Titan America employees also add a health and wellness tip.

"Why I Work Safe" Bulletin Boards
These “Work Safe” bulletin boards are in place throughout Titan America. Employees post photos to remind themselves why it’s important to maintain their safety, health and wellness. In addition to the obvious photos of children and spouses, we enjoy photos of hunting dogs, bass boats and motorcycles. When we asked one employee why he chose a photo of his favorite fishing hole, he explained that’s where he intended to spend his retirement – in sound health and of happy mind.

Safety Communication Stations
Safety communication stations are strategically located in all operations, plants and administrative offices through Titan America’s businesses. They include safety updates, reminders, alerts and photos of safe employees and safe practices.

Safety Luncheons
We value our safety and we celebrate it! Employees who work time without a lost time accident deserve a reward.