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Titan's Vision and Environmental/Energy Policy

To be recognized as one of the leading enterprises in our industry on Sustainability and Environmental Stewardship.


Sustainable Development is a top Group and Company priority, deriving from our Governing Objective and Values and aiming to combine business goals and long term economic performance with respect for people, society and the environment.

As a materials producer, what we do impacts, but can also benefit, the environment. We are committed to strategies and actions that mitigate and reduce our operational impact on the environment (do less harm), identify and pursue win-win opportunities for both economy and ecology and actively contribute to worthwhile local, national and international initiatives (do more good).

We aim to:

Comply with local, state and federal regulations as well as other requirements determined by our management review.

Provide the resources and information required to continuously improve our environmental/energy performance. Review and monitor, at top management level, the effectiveness of our programs and actions.

Take practical measures to protect the biodiversity and natural surroundings at our facilities, incorporating design practices that consider energy performance improvement.

Develop, implement and monitor programs to use energy and natural resources more efficiently and to reduce our emissions and waste.

Reduce the waste produced by activities, promote recycling and reuse the byproducts of our own and other industries.

Procure, where practical, sustainable input materials, energy efficient products and services and allocate resources to develop and market sustainable products.

Promote environmentally responsible attitudes and behavior in all our employees and encourage suppliers, customers and other business partners to adopt similar practices.

Contribute to the wellbeing of the local communities, communicating openly and sincerely with them and pursuing good neighbor relations.

Support and participate in local, national and international initiatives and organizations designed to promote sustainability by sharing knowledge, best practices and joint actions.