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Sustainable Value of Concrete

We explore the sustainable value of concrete within four broad values: stewardship of natural resources; stewardship of financial resources; safety and stability; and aesthetics.

Concrete’s contribution to these values derives from its unique properties.

  • It is strong and durable, resistant to deterioration and damage.
  • It buffers temperature, and it can be colored and placed to do this in a way that works with passive solar energy to heat or cool spaces.
  • It buffers sound, providing respite in a crowded, noisy world.
  • It is versatile, allowing a large range of shapes, textures, and structural approaches to create the function, look, and feel appropriate to the project.
  • It is also versatile in the flexibility of component materials, a quality which both extends the range of performance properties – insulation, permeability, and strength – and allows variation in the resources used to produce it.


Get more details by following this link to the Joint Sustainability Initiative website.